Machining Styrene Eyeglass Display Panels


The video below shows how we took a very time consuming machining process and greatly improved our efficiency by stacking the parts 4 high and using 3 heads on our cnc router.  This increased our output to 12 parts per cycle, while a typical cnc router is only cutting one part at a time.  This […]

Desk End Panels – How this Customer Utilized our Services

The video below shows the processing of a melamine desk end panel, from our CNC Woodworking Machine, to our Edgebander, to our T-Mold Inserter.  This particular customer manufacturers desks and sells to several government agencies.  They specialize in metal fabrication and the majority of there facility is metal working equipment, while the wood component manufacturing […]

How A List Wood Works can Increase Wood Working Machinery Sales.

How Machinery Companies Use A List Wood Works Services to Increase Sales At a first glance it may seem to many Machinery Sales Companies that A List is a competitor to Wood and Plastic Machinery Sales. “A List cuts parts, so my potential customer would not need to buy machinery if they used A List’s […]

T Slotting and T Molding Manufacturing

This first video shows how we fabricated a contour display panel using our Multi Head CNC Production Router, then inserted a T Slot. The second video show us inserting T-Molding using our Evans T-Mold Inserter.    

Store Display Manufacturer Case Study

Here is an example of how a store display manufacturing company used the services of A List Wood Works to win a lucrative contract and grow their business.   This is a mid sized manufacturing company (10 -20 million in sales annually). They were humming along and had the oppurtunity to gain a lucrative contract […]